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Ever paused your tv and then burst into laughter at the crazy funny faces the people are making? Of course you have! We post them here for the world to see. Enjoy!


FunnyTivoFace's are contributed from fans all over the world, so it would be unfair of us to restrict you! We give you full access to every FTF in our image library and tools for embedding slideshows into any website.

Embed A Slideshow

Want every FTF from a particular episode on your website? Each post's individual page has embed code directly beneath it allowing you to add the slideshow to any website! To embed a slideshow simply copy and paste the code where ever you want to share it.

The embed code looks like this:

And here is what the slideshow will look like on your site:

Using Individual Images

We also allow you to access our image library of every FTF ever made! All we ask in return is that you link the image to

Incase you haven't noticed... our site's images are powered by Google's Picasa photo sharing service. Every FTF is available on our public Picasa profile at

Removing The Watermark

Cropping or removing our watermark would be totally not cool! We are more than happy to provide un-watermarked images as long as you agree to link to somewhere on the page. Simply send requests for un-watermarked images to

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