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Ever paused your tv and then burst into laughter at the crazy funny faces the people are making? Of course you have! We post them here for the world to see. Enjoy!

Submitting FTF's

Caught someone making a crazy funny face!? Send it to us to get published on! There are two ways to submit FTF's:

1) Upload it by clicking here
2) Send it to

Make sure to include as much information about yourself and your FTF as possible. This way we can contact you when your FTF is posted as well as give you credit and link to your website or social network profile!

Creating FTF's

Creating an FTF is more of an art than a science. There are two ways to capture that perfect moment:

1) Take a picture of your TV using a camera or cell phone
2) Take a screenshot on your computer

Using Cameras & Cell Phones

Though the quality isn't always the best, taking a picture of your TV is the simplest way to capture FTF's. Try playing around with:

1) The quality settings on your camera
2) Distance from your TV

Screenshots For the best quality FTF's we recommend watching shows on your computer and taking screenshots. Click here to learn how to take screenshots on a mac or here for a pc. If you are on a mac (then you rule) and you're a super geek like us (then you rule), we HIGHLY recommend downloading skitch. Skitch is a screenshot manager that lets you doodle on your screenshots and share them with friends.

Photoshop Template

Good with Photoshop? Download the FunnyTivoFace Photoshop template and perfect your FTF's before you upload them:

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